2019…The Best Year Yet


It’s getting colder outside but the heat lamps and heaters are certainly full charge in the farrowing houses all across the country . We wish each of you great success in the farrowing house and as we get ready for the National Western, jackpot shows, and major Southwest Jr Livestock Shows and Team Purebred Regional events, we ask you to remain focus, courteous, thankful for the opportunities your parents or show families provide for you. Feel fortunate to be given the opportunity to compete and enjoy the moment. Time flies by very rapidly.

A reminder for you Chester White breeders that the 2019 San Antonio and OYE Chester White Champion Barrow exhibitor as well as breeder are eligible for $1,000 cash award if a transferred pedigree accompanies exhibitor and entry at this show, providing winning entry meets all DNA parentage and show rules. WOW- what an opportunity to show Chester Whites in the Southwest.

Congratulations Hereford Breeders:Effective with the 2019 WPX includes the following National Shows, your breed will conduct National sponsored shows with CPS.

World Pork Expo– June 4-8th, Des Moines, Iowa- Breeding Stock farrowed October 1st, 2018 & after

Summer Type Conference– June 24-29th, Springfield, Illinois- breeding stock farrowed December 1st, 2018 & after

National Barrow Show– September 8-11th, Austin, Minnesota- breeding stock farrowed January 15th, 2019 & after

Fall Classic– October 23-26th, Duncan, Oklahoma- breeding stock farrowed March 15th, 2019 & after

2020 Southwest Type Conference– February 27-29th, Belton, Texas (Tentative date and location)- breeding stock farrowed July 1st, 2019 & after


Numerous people have asked about the status of the new pedigree system. The CPS staff again are testing this program and suggesting or mandating changes that will satisfactorily accommodate our needs as well as yours. Slow progress but progress never the less.

We encourage all to support Team Purebred not only financially but by volunteering to assist. It’s you organization also and every body helps with the cause.

The rapidly approaching 2019 Southwest Type Conference (February 26th- March 2nd) in Belton, Texas will no doubt bring great hogs and great minds together. Entries are due February 6th, either on-line or in the December issue of Breeders Digest page 33.

Happy New Year and let’s make 2019 your best one yet.


CPS Staff


Welcome to CPS

On behalf of the staff, Board of Directors, and every member raising, promoting, and supporting the Chester White, Poland China, and Spotted breeds of swine, we welcome you to the exciting future of purebred hogs.

These are exciting times in the purebred swine industry with tremendous interest in show pigs, breeding stock, and semen from these lines of hogs and genetic improvement is of utmost importance for all breeders.

With dedicated breeders across the country and with tremendous excitement for the future, the CPS breeds will continue its support to Team Purebred and youth organizations and state associations that share our excitement and desire to improve the breed and swine industry.

We invite each and every one of you that are visiting this site to ask questions, explore the possibilities of joining forces with breeders and staff that care about your future.  Make the CPS breeds “your breeds of choice” and feel the excitement.  Welcome to the exciting world of CPS!