Is Spring Really Here?

The newspapers are reporting spring training baseball scores and Winter-Spring pig sales have been happening for over 30 days, so I guess spring is officially close to happening or occurring in you location. Its been a never ending and unforgiving winter for all of us and we only can hope that spring can stay for 3 or 4 months.

There are a lot of things happening with the Certified Pedigreed Swine organization these days and hopefully within 4-6 weeks we can announce some exciting and positive advancements for all of you to utilize, appreciate, and progress with.

This will be my normal spring time rant telling each of you to continue to support us in a positive manner. We will assist you in any manner we can and certainly encourage you to get these December- January litters recorded now to save you money and get these transfers taken care of prior to 90 days. Your good customers deserve your courteous and prompt service.

With all of the good vibes and conversation that tell us how excited they are with the young pigs they farrowed , there is also a fair amount of concern among both breeders and feeders of apparent misrepresentation of pigs; mainly not listing the correct farrowing dates. Folks; its quite simple, get a notebook or index card and write down the correct farrowing date, correct sire, and get them ear-notched early. On-line sale promotion, social media post, and multiple people across the pig community have chimed in and questioning some of these most likely false farrowing dates. It needs to STOP and if AI companies are assisting in this practice, this also needs to STOP. I know, the SOAP BOX can be lonely place but a good many of the pig folks are taking notice. No, a 40 day old pig can not be approximately 60 lbs. I wish I had the solutions but calling you out by name may be necessary?!?!

Congratulations Hereford Breeders: Effective with the 2019 WPX includes the following National Shows, your breed will conduct National sponsored shows with CPS.

World Pork Expo– June 4-8th, Des Moines, Iowa- Breeding Stock farrowed October 1st, 2018 & after

Summer Type Conference– June 24-29th, Springfield, Illinois- breeding stock farrowed December 1st, 2018 & after

National Barrow Show– September 8-11th, Austin, Minnesota- breeding stock farrowed January 15th, 2019 & after

Fall Classic– October 23-26th, Duncan, Oklahoma- breeding stock farrowed February 15th, 2019 & after

2020 Southwest Type Conference– February 27-29th, Belton, Texas (Tentative date and location)- breeding stock farrowed July 1st, 2019 & after


Finally, with many National Shows, Jr. events, County fairs, and State fairs available to showcase your best genetic material; lets make sure things are done in an ethical and civil manner. If its really is about the kids, lets make sure these kids have an enjoyable and memorable experience. No drama or hysterics are needed by ring side observers.

Thanks again for you continue support of CPS and we look forward to assisting you in the coming months.


CPS Staff


Welcome to CPS

On behalf of the staff, Board of Directors, and every member raising, promoting, and supporting the Chester White, Poland China, and Spotted breeds of swine, we welcome you to the exciting future of purebred hogs.

These are exciting times in the purebred swine industry with tremendous interest in show pigs, breeding stock, and semen from these lines of hogs and genetic improvement is of utmost importance for all breeders.

With dedicated breeders across the country and with tremendous excitement for the future, the CPS breeds will continue its support to Team Purebred and youth organizations and state associations that share our excitement and desire to improve the breed and swine industry.

We invite each and every one of you that are visiting this site to ask questions, explore the possibilities of joining forces with breeders and staff that care about your future.  Make the CPS breeds “your breeds of choice” and feel the excitement.  Welcome to the exciting world of CPS!