Fall Is Definitely Here!!

With the crops nearing completion, southwest pig sales about wrapping up and heaters being turned on in the farrowing house, our thoughts turn to winter. We are not ready for that in Peoria, Illinois.

A couple of reminders that we thought we should share with you.

Fall Classic is November 16th- 18th in Duncan, Oklahoma. A new feature is Team Purebred is selling 5 outstanding weanling gilts on Friday, November 17th at 4:00PM. Please refer to the FAB 5 promotion of the top of the page and a sincere thank you to the progressive and generous breeders who stepped forward and allowed this to happen. Let’s make this a tremendous success with 100% of the proceeds going to Team Purebred.

Please also note that on the CPS Facebook page and message board the Team Purebred is seeking a Junior Coordinator with position open immediately. Please call for details if you are interested.

Team Purebred Bred Gilt Sale is Saturday, December 9th in Lebanon, Indiana. Entry form and details are available by clicking the Team Purebred link on the  CPS Homepage and go to Shows & Events. Entry Deadline is November 20th. 

Finally, after you get your crew rested up from a tremendous Fall Classic and excellent home cooked meal on Thanksgiving; please remind the person in charge of litter registration that all litters needed for the San Antonio, Houston, and National Western shows must be recorded no later than December 1st (Friday). If you wait until this day with the end of the month on Thursday, November 30th, you might be in trouble getting that December 1st date printed on the pedigree. It’s time to get these litters recorded TODAY!!

Good Luck to all participants at the Fall Classic and Stay Safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving!



Welcome to CPS

On behalf of the staff, Board of Directors, and every member raising, promoting, and supporting the Chester White, Poland China, and Spotted breeds of swine, we welcome you to the exciting future of purebred hogs.

These are exciting times in the purebred swine industry with tremendous interest in show pigs, breeding stock, and semen from these lines of hogs and genetic improvement is of utmost importance for all breeders.

With dedicated breeders across the country and with tremendous excitement for the future, the CPS breeds will continue its support to Team Purebred and youth organizations and state associations that share our excitement and desire to improve the breed and swine industry.

We invite each and every one of you that are visiting this site to ask questions, explore the possibilities of joining forces with breeders and staff that care about your future.  Make the CPS breeds “your breeds of choice” and feel the excitement.  Welcome to the exciting world of CPS!