2015 CPS Extravaganza

Entries for the 2015 CPS Extravaganza are due Friday, March 27.  Entry blanks are printed in the March issue of Breeders Digest on page 27.  This successful show pig event will be held on Tuesday, April 14 in Greencastle, Indiana.  If you are in need of an entry blank, please do not hesitate to call the CPS office at 309-691-0151.  We can possibly fax or e-mail a blank to you if desired.


Welcome to CPS

On behalf of the staff, Board of Directors, and every member raising, promoting, and supporting the Chester White, Poland China, and Spotted breeds of swine, we welcome you to the exciting future of purebred hogs.

These are exciting times in the purebred swine industry with tremendous interest in showpigs, breeding stock, and semen from these lines of hogs and genetic improvement is of utmost importance for all breeders.

With dedicated breeders across the country and with tremendous excitement for the future, the CPS breeds will continue its support to Team Purebred and youth organizations and state associations that share our excitement and desire to improve the breed and swine industry.

We invite each and every one of you that are visiting this site to ask questions, explore the possibilities of joining forces with breeders and staff that care about your future.  Make the CPS breeds “your breeds of choice” and feel the excitement.  Welcome to the exciting World of CPS!