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Breed Classifications – Effective January 1, 2014

  1. Must possess Poland China Breed characteristics.
  2. Must be ear notched within 7 days of birth.
  3. Must be black with six white points (face, feet and switch).
    • **Tail docking is permissible.
    • **An occasional splash of white on the body is permissible.
    • **A hog may not possess more than one (1) solid black leg and be determined as a Poland China.
  4. Must have ears down
  5. Must not have evidence of a belt formation of either white or white skin encircling and touching the points of the shoulder extending down on both sides of animal to the depth of the elbow pocket.
  6. Cannot have red or sandy hair/and or pigment.
  7. Hogs that have weighed ear tags or evidence of tampering of ears with possible ear tags are ineligible.
  8. All boars and gilts must have six (6) functional teats on each side for exhibition.

Questions, call the Certified Pedigreed Swine office at (309) 691-0151.