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Chester White Swine Record Association
Box 9758 - Peoria, IL 61612-9758
Phone: (309) 691-0151
Fax: (309) 691-0168



The Chester White breed originated in Chester County, Pennsylvania and thereby derived its breed name. At first it was called the Chester County White, but later the "county" was dropped. The Chester breed was derived in Jefferson County, New York.

Thomas Sharpless started the first Chester White Record Association in 1884 and he was its first secretary. From that period, until recent years, there were several record associations developed as the breed spread across the country. The National Chester White Record Association was formed in 1893, with offices in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

It was through the efforts of F.F. Moore, Rochester, Indiana, that all of the associations and recording offices were combined into one recording association. This association was named the Chester White Swine Record Association, with headquarters in Lima, Ohio.

All of this gathering and combining of associations started about 1911. In 1930, the Chester White Swine Record Association was reincorporated under the laws of Delaware with the offices in Rochester, Indiana. The offices moved to Peoria, Illinois on June 1, 1986.

The strengths of the Chester White breed are: mothering ability, durability, and soundness. Chester Whites have kept their popularity with thousands of pork producers. Not only are they preferred by producers, but packers prefer animals with white skin and proven to be superior in muscle quality.

Chester Whites will remain an important breed in the future progress of swine production for many years to come because of the many productive traits which they strongly possess.

Today, the Chester White Record Association is located at P.O. Box 9758, Peoria, Illinois, 61612 and can be reached by calling this office at 309-691-0151.

Chester White Swine  Record Association
Box 9758 - Peoria, IL 61612-9758
Phone: (309) 691-0151
Fax: (309) 691-0168